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Why You Need A Website Review

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

You have only SEVEN seconds to capture the attention of a visitor to your website. If what they see on their computer, tablet, or phone doesn’t show immediately what they’re looking for, studies have shown they’ll move along.

Did I say immediately?

Yes, I did. Well, immediately depends on a lot of things, like how fast your website loads, and after a quick scan, whether or not the visitor’s curiosity is piqued enough to investigate further by clicking on a drop-down menu or responding to a Call To Action or CTA.

Nobody wants to spend their time sorting through confusing rhetoric and pretty, but irrelevant pictures. Your visitors don’t care what you’ve done in the past or what you’ve sold before. That CTA must be within immediate eyesight, so your customer knows what to do in order to get that desired item. If you do have what your customer is looking for, they may need to know if you can service the product after they buy it.

So, that’s the main thing. Your website must be right up front about what you offer, and what your customer needs to do to get it. And their needs? Those are key words.

The right keywords will land your website in a higher position with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

As a frequent customer of Durable Medical Equipment, I’ve used those keywords, and I will help you incorporate them throughout your website.

Even if your website lands in a high position with a search engine, you’re not done yet.

Not only will a website audit tell you if you’re using the right key words, but a website audit will also tell you what your site looks like on a phone. More than half the visitors to your website won’t recommend it to others if they can’t tell by looking at their phone what you’ve got.

Google is also rewarding mobile-friendly websites with a higher ranking, which is important because close to two-thirds of searchers are more apt to click on the organic (those without the tag “ad”) listing. Not only that, but a website review will show you what your competitors’ websites look like and how you can make yours better than theirs.

Three out of four folks visiting your website will judge your whole business based on what they see there. If they don’t find what they need FAST, you’ve lost a customer forever. And that means you’ve lost SALES

Lost SALES: The main reason anyone with a website needs a Website Review.

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